Zimbabwe reviving its national airline


The government of Zimbabwe is working towards revamping its national carrier by removing duty fees on some engine spares and components to assist the national airline to fix its fleet, reports the Herald.

Air Zimbabwe is experiencing a shortage of spares and other accessories that has seen most of its fleet grounded. The government’s move to scrap off the duties is aimed at seeing the crafts back on the skylines again.

The Zimbabwean airline is said to require at least 300 million USD to operate.

The country’s Minister of Finance and Economic development Patrick Chinamasa made a formal statement to remove the duty on spare parts. The constitution amendment allow for the rebate of duty.

Air Zimbabwe has had increased technical problems which have delayed takeoffs, cancellation of flights and midair flight scares. The airline is being urged to replace the fleet.

The airlines has also been urged to instill business ethics in its management to ensure flight schedules are met as parts of the efforts to revive the lucrative regional and international routes.

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