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Zimbabwe to build a hi-tech university to honour President Mugabe


Zimbabwe intends to use approximately $1billion US Dollars to build a university in honour of their President Robart Mugabe.

The South African country’s government has approved the $1B grant for the construction of Robart Mugabe University, Higher and Tertiary according to the Education Minister Jonathan statement on Wednesday, reports the Herald.

“Cabinet has approved a grant of $800-million towards the construction of The Robert Gabriel Mugabe University, and a grant of $200-million towards the establishment of the university’s Endowment Fund for Research and Innovation,” Moyo said.

The Robert Gabriel Mugabe University is to be built in Mazowe, a farming town about 40km north of Harare, where the Mugabe family has taken over vast areas of land.

“The ministry is privileged and excited about cabinet’s decision to establish The Robert Robert Gabriel Mugabe University. There can be no better recognition of President Mugabe’s commitment to education and his exemplary leadership. As such, we are looking forward to working with the Robert Gabriel Mugabe Foundation and the University of Zimbabwe to establish the university,” said the Minister of Education.

The high tech university is expected to champion Zimbabwe’s industrialization and modernization, with the enrolment of graduates specializing in scientific and high technology engineering, design and entrepreneurship multi-disciplinary research.

The ultra-modern university is expected to have charter and accredited by June 2018, the initial student enrolment is expected to be at least 15 000 students.

President Mugabe has earned seven degrees and 11 honorary degrees since taking office in 1980.

Mugabe’s government has invested on education. Zimbabwe recently had the highest literacy rate in Africa, at 90% of the population.

Zimbabwe struggles to pay its workers and spends more than 90 percent of the national budget on salaries, leaving very little for roads, hospitals and education, says Reuters.

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