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10 Amazing Achievements Of President Patrice Talon, Of The Republic Of Benin



Patrice Talon is a Beninese businessman and politician who has been President of Benin since 6 April 2016. In just few months, this are some of the things he has achieved.

– He has increased the budget allocated to scholarships.

– He has begun the construction of 4 medical centres

– A decree which prohibits combine of operational administrative posts (you can’t be minister and mayor, for example, or dg of a public company and mayor)

– He uses a procession of 5 cars maximum (including hers) and moving in its own cars (in the context of the work a range rover and a bentley, for relaxation or weekend, he has other cars including a porsche) because he judge useless the whole park auto put at the disposal of a single individual, head of state was he,

– He has reduced by 40 % vat on the frozen products imported (meat, fish etc…) and 30 % on all other products of 1st need doing down the costs of purchases

– He took down the train of life ministers and dg (the ministers have two cars locomotions and 2 of security), they must respect the rules of the road and do not use the overheads (except in case of crisis)

– He has authorized the sun which is a good solution for the low-income households has
– vehicles plus (since he has reduced the cost of the administration) will be exchanged for other of standing below and in larger number which will help to save 4,6 billion. This will help the equipment of the administrations of the interior in vehicles

– He has reduced the number of embassies (for example, the country has 3 performances in France as well as the latter, a consulate, an embassy, and an embassy from UNESCO. Who went from 3 a)

– He has banned has his ministers to sponsor playful ceremonies (concerts, festivals etc…), to use the term “Don”
And most importantly he has saved 177 billion in reducing the train of life of the state

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