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MUST READ: 15 Amazing Facts About Africa You Probably Don't Know!


  • The Gambia has only one University
  • Equatorial Guinea is the only Spanish speaking country in Africa
  • South Africa is the most Visited African Country
  • Nigeria has the richest black people in Africa
  • A person from Niger is called a Nigerien
  • Samuel Eto’o is the highest paid footballer of all time when he was receiving £350,000 weekly in Russia back in 2011
  • Nigeria has won more football trophies than England.
  • Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is the world most educated president with 7 degrees of which two are Masters
  • Al-Ahly of Egypt is the richest club in Africa
  • Didier Drogba is Chelsea ‘s all time highest goal scorer in European competitions


  • Johannesburg is the most Visited city in Africa
  • Zinedine Zidane wanted to play for Algeria but the selector rejected him, saying they have many players like him
  • President Jacob Zuma was given a special award by FIFA for refereeing a match at Robben Island during his days as a political Prisoner.
  • Nigeria has the highest number of monarchs in the world.
  • Africa is larger than China, USA, India, Mexico and a big part of Europe combined
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  1. Where is Gamal Abd El Nasser – The late President of Egypt. The real leader and father of Africa who supported and helped the above leaders in their struggle against colonial powers. He actively contributed to the establishment of OAU with Haile Selassie and other leaders. He made Cairo the home for all African freedom fighters. I think the above list needs to be revised. Selection of leaders should be based on their contribution to the African continent.


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