African Leaders Criticized for Ignoring Madagascar’s Covid-19 Vaccine

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According to reports, Madagascar claims to have found a cure for Covid-19. Earlier this week, the Indian Ocean island country announced that it has created a Covid-19 prevention and cure mixture called the Tambavy Covid-Organics.

The president of the country, Andry Rajoelina claimed the drug is a tonic derived from artemisia – a plant with proven efficacy in treating malaria – as well as other indigenous herbs. It was developed by the Madagascar Institute of Applied Research but has not been tested or approved internationally.

“There are two treatment protocols (curative and preventive). The state of health of Covid-19 patients who took Tambavy CVO CovidOrganics improved after 7 days and fully recovered after 10 days,” President Rajoelina said of the mixture.

“Madagascar is there to help all friendly countries against COVID19”, he added.

Critics have lashed out at fellow African leaders for discrediting the drug without even testing it. They claim this is a result of negative stereotyping, claiming that they would have embraced the drug if it was announced by a country in Asia, America, or Europe. Social observers have also called out African leaders for their lack of support, saying the least fellow leaders could have done is send congratulatory messages to the country for their efforts.

Out of the 54 countries in the continent, only Equatorial Guinea has so far embraced the remedy and is willing to test it on Covid-19 patients in their country. The Equatorial Guinea president sent a special envoy with a chartered flight to Madagascar to take delivery of the COVID-Organics.

President Andry Rajoelina made this known by posting the information on his official twitter handle:

“Special Envoy of the President of Equatorial Guinea, Deputy Minister of Health Mitoha Ondo arrived on Malagasy soil to collect the Tambavy CovidOrganics / preventive and curative,” Andry Rajoelina tweeted.

He added: “Madagascar is there to help all friendly countries against COVID19.” Reports said the plane collected some 11,500 doses of COCID-Organics.

Of the consignment, 10,000 doses are of the supposedly preventive treatments and 1,500 doses of curative treatments, they were given as a donation by the Madagascar government.

Speaking while handing over the remedy, Tianarivelo Razafimahefa, Madagascar’s Minister of the Interior and Decentralization said:

“This is a gift from the President, the Malagasy people to the Guineans. We must not forget that it is important to help other countries, especially African countries, and we must save human lives.”

On his part, Mitoha Ondo’o Ayekaba, Deputy Minister of Health of Equatorial Guinea said: “My president wanted to be the first to express his support and to also look for a way to reinforce the cooperation between our two nations.”

There is currently no known cure for coronavirus, which has recorded 40,575 total confirmed cases, 25,493 active confirmed cases, 13,390 recoveries, and 1,692 deaths in Africa.

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3 Replies to “African Leaders Criticized for Ignoring Madagascar’s Covid-19 Vaccine”

  1. On behalf of myself I congratulate the government of Madagascar and thier healthy teams for their hard working to got curative and preventive medicine for COVID19 to save lives of the people either in Africa continent or world at large. God bless you all. Kang from South Sudan

  2. I must admit, this is the path that I have ALWALS yearn that African Countries follow. The path to true independence, self reliance and and self determinism. Congratulation Madagascar for taking the lead and breaking the odd and status quo!

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