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African Countries to Quit the International Criminal Court


“I will bring a motion to the African Union to have all African states withdraw from the court and then they can be left alone with their own court,” President Museveni declared.

In five of the eight countries where it is actively prosecuting suspects; Uganda, Mali, Ivory Coast, the Central African Republic, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, the African states in question asked the court to intervene, often with significant encouragement from victims and local rights groups. These however have not moved crusader Museveni who insists the court is a tool of the west.

Experts say the collapse of the case has been ICC’s biggest setback. As African countries contemplate withdrawal, debates at the African Union have revealed divisions with countries like Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia and Rwanda taking a tough line, while others seemingly are reluctant to get embroiled in a diplomatic confrontation. The withdrawal of African countries that make up 34 out of 122 from the court would seriously damage the institution and its credibility but in the clouds of Museveni, it is worth it.

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