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African leaders lack wisdom – Bishop Heward-Mills



Dag Heward-Mills is a Ghanaian Minister based in Accra, Ghana. Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, the Founder and Bishop of the Lighthouse Chapel International, has noted that most African leaders are highly educated and products of world class universities, but lack wisdom.

He these leaders lack the ability to implement the knowledge acquired for the development of their countries.
“Even though most of these leaders are highly educated having received knowledge from these prestigious universities abroad, they lack the ability and wisdom to apply the knowledge for the benefit of their people,” he stressed.

He explained that it is lack of wisdom, that has culminated in developing countries to resort to borrowing and depending on the Western countries for aid and assistance, when the continent is well – endowed with natural resources, which could be harnessed its total development.

Bishop Heward – Mills was speaking on the first day of the Give Thyself Wholly Conference in organised in Accra at the Qodesh, the Headquarters of the Church for pastors and church workers across the globe.

The annual conference seeks to empower and equip church leaders with requisite skill and knowledge to build and ensure the growth of God’s Kingdom.

Bishop Heward – Mills said it is a shame that most African leaders fail to utilise the knowledge they acquire to its optimum best, observing that it is very crucial if the continent is to move into development and prosperity.

He advised pastors to guard against the excessive love for money and desist from making it their priority, and rather seek the advancement and promotion of the Kingdom of God.

Bishop Heward-Mills appealed to them to commit to following the mind and wisdom of God by helping to fulfill the Great Commission.

“If you seek the Kingdom of God and its righteousness, God will take care of their material needs and bless them beyond their expectations,” he said.

Source: ghanaweb.com

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  1. i bet they heard you Brother Heward-Mills…thats what we need to do…Raspect to all who know what he said and started using they knowledge to practice self-reliance…we are better than our leaders think we are,we can do it if we use our mind to change our society…


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