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Africa’s richest man wealthier than Oprah & Trump combined


Aliko Dangote, Africa’s richest man who founded and chairs Dangote Cement, the continent’s largest cement producer is worth more than American President and business mogul Donald Trump and Celebrity businesswoman Oprah Winfrey reports the Herald.

Nigerian cement tycoon Aliko Dangote remains Africa’s richest person for the sixth year running with a $12.1 billion fortune, despite a nearly $5 billion drop in his net worth for the second year in a row, says Forbes.

Mr Dangote has vast investment interests in cement, sugar, flour and beverages and was the first black man to attain a position among the world’s 25 richest people in 2014.

“In an analysis careful drawn from the Forbes 2017 list, Mr. Dangote who is reputed to be the leader among 40 richest people in both Nigeria and Africa has a net worth of $11.7 billion which is almost twice as much as the recently elected American president’s ($3.7 billion) and Oprah’s ($3 billion)” says the Herald

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  1. If is Rich da way u put it.why his Zambian Dangote workers gets less money.e g.. A engineer getin k4000 zambian kwach, which is a $400 per month.

  2. It is nice and highy motivational to see an african man on top of richest list,that means we can as african no matter what they say about us.

  3. You should be paid according to your economy and $400 is a good money to earn in your economy. Ask your president to improve in your standard of living.

  4. Dangote is a very good example for the rest of us interested in reaching to the heights from Africa. I am following him though from no where yet.

  5. Am proud with this man. our leaders they call them selfs that are highly educated please take good exmple for this man who is lifting Africa on the map.you have got PhD but your busy with politics for what.make something from your PhD so that pipo can point a finger and you can create job opportunities to vulnerable youths.

  6. God bless Africa and dnt forget Zimbabwe with its vast resources.Big up Strive Masiiwa one u wil b a billionairea


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