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Football legend, Didier Drogba sends 5,000 children to school in the Ivory Coast



Didier Drogba continues to firm up his reputation as the most charitable man in football. Last year, the Chelsea striker has donated 5,000 school kits to children in the Ivory Coast just in time for the new academic year in his home country.

The kits, which it’s hoped would equip poverty stricken children with the tools needed to return to school, include textbooks, bags, writing materials, mathematics sets, water bottles and toiletries.

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  1. True African man.Always looks back to stabilize coming generation.Congrate our Chelsea legend and The president of African football.

  2. He should be president of his country. I respect him to the maximum. African governments can put a stop to poverty especially in Nigeria and Ghana they have the resources to do this.

  3. May God bless you brother Drogba. of the five thousand, one of the might be a doctor, lawyer, or even a president that you may have helped to become. Merci mon ami.

  4. The only comment I have for this type of humanbeing is a prayer for him as a beliver and i pray for Godblessing to be with him in his carier that nothing happen to him…. til the end of his Life time

  5. It:s not too late other brothers and sisters who have the likes opportunity can emulate this noble player, remember who u are and where u come from, Thank u Drogba,the hand that gives would never lack,,,,

  6. This is a good show of humanity n his fellow soccer men across Africa should emulate this and help the needy children In the African continent…… God for sure will Continue blessing Didier

  7. Drogba! Congratulation Mr…..! and let other African footballers educate their fellow African children, rather than building Mosque?…… peoples faith, will not eradicate the Poverty in Africa Continent without education.


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