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Egyptian court confirms Morsi’s 20-year prison sentence



An Egyptian court has today confirmed a 20-year prison term handed to former president Mohammed Morsi for inciting violence during demonstrations in 2012, in the first final verdict in a case against the 65-year-old.

Eight others were also sentenced to prison terms of up to 20 years, with no option for appeals.

A Cairo court in April sentenced Morsi to 20 years in prison for inciting violence against protesters who had staged a sit-in outside the Ittihadiya presidential palace in December 2012, when Morsi was still in power.

Opposition supporters had gathered in front of the palace to protests Morsi’s decree that said the president shall remain immune fromm judicial oversight.

Clashes erupted outside the palace and 10 people were killed, including journalist el-Husseini Abu Deif, 33.

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