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Ghana Launches Silicon Accra Project


Silicon Accra

Silicon Accra, an innovation centre, which aims to become Africa’s global technology gateway and promote technology entrepreneurship has been launched in Accra.

Silicon Accra is a 60- acre master planned ‘walkable’ innovation district located at East Legon Hills, Santeo in Accra with a mission to create an ecosystem that will empower visionary entrepreneurs to work with governments, academia and industry.

It is also to help develop technologies that will improve and transform the way people live and work in Africa.

The project is an overt nod to Silicon Valley from the United States of America, which accommodates hundreds of start-ups and global technology companies to become Africa’s global technology gateway.

Mr David Osei, the Chief Executive Officer of Silicon Accra speaking at stakeholder meeting to launch the project said Silicon Accra would be Africa’s technology innovation center with the goal of advancing Africa’s economic growth.

He said the aim was for the city to become Africa’s global technology gateway, facilitating the local economy by nurturing ICT industry start-ups and entrepreneurs.

He said it would also drive collaboration by pooling resources, creating business opportunities and accelerating ICT adoption through strategic initiatives and partnerships.

He said the project was important to deal with key challenges including sustainable energy, food security and health care that confronts Ghana.

“The company would invest $10 million in developing the core infrastructure, including access roads, sustainable energy, water and fibre optic lines for internet service,” he added.

Explaining the phases of the project, Mr Osei said the first phase of the project, which consist of 20,000 offices to serve as a co-working space, 220-unit residential apartments and $5million as seed money for investment for Ghanaian and African technology start-ups, would be ready in two years.

He said that the second phase of the project would allow partners to invest in infrastructure on a 15-acre land that would be leased to them for 49 years at no cost.

Mr Desi Lopez, Member of Advisory Board ofSilicon Accra observed that it was a great opportunity to foster and to enable all the existing talents to bring prosperity and quality of life to the next level.

He noted that the project would create employment for the youth in the various disciplines.

Silicon Accra comprises of three district units; the City, the Fund and the Community.

Source: http://footprint2africa.com/

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  1. It’s encouraging to see Ghana utilize the talent of their youth by creating a modern day technological lab to modernized the country. All the natural resources is in Africa. Once the Government continues to reward the innovators, the Ancestors will guide the nation and the Continent to be self sufficient.


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