Charles Antwi wasarrested on gun possession charges on Sunday morning after security officials noticed his “fidgety and suspicious behaviour” at the Ring Way branch of the Assemblies of God church where the president and some other government officials worship. On searching him, he was found to be in possession of a “loaded and cocked” pistol.

Charles Antwi. Photo: ModernGhana

He confessed to the packed court that he wanted to kill President John Mahama because of the economic hardship in the country, coupled with the chronic power shortages, believing that only the murder of Mahama can solve the problem. Antwi, who is unemployed revealed that he had taken the gun to the church on four different occasions but the president failed to show up.

After listening to Antwi’s confessions, the presiding judge ruled that the accused was sane, predetermined to cause harm and capable of doing so. He then sentenced Antwi who was not represented by a lawyer.