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Ghana ranked seventh least corrupt'nation in Africa


Transparency International has ranked Ghana as the 56th least corrupt country in an index with 168 countries from across the world.

Ghana’s score of 47 placed it the seventh least corrupt country in Africa, in a development anti-graft campaigners say shows that the fight against corruption can be won.

“The CPI [corruption perception index] 2015 scored Ghana 47 out of a clean score of 100 and ranked the country 56 out of 168 countries,” Ghana Interegrity Initiative said in a statement on Wednesday.

the views expressed by respondents were based on what they heard about the subject in the year under review

Omane Boamah, the government spokesperson, suggested that Ghana could have done even better on the index were it not for negative reports on alleged corruption in the judiciary and other departments.

“Given that this is a perception survey, it stands to reason that the views expressed by respondents were based on what they heard about the subject in the year under review,” Boamah said.

“It also stands to reason, therefore, that the intense media focus on the allegations of corruption in the judiciary as well as the repetition of some obviously false allegations against government in 2015 contributed to the perception.”

Boamah said although Ghana’s score was a point lower than the 2014 figure, it was still gratifying that the country was among those considered to be least corrupt in Africa.

The government attributed the changing perception about corruption in Ghana to the implementation of anti-corruption policies such as the National Anti-Corruption Action Plan (NACAP).

Boamah said the government would strengthen relevant State institutions and work closely with civil society to fight corruption.

A major corruption scandal rocked Ghana’s last year judiciary following an expose by journalist Anas Aremeyaw Aans, which led to the sacking of 20 lower court judges in December.

Another seven High Court judges were suspended after the journalist obtained video footage linking them to corruption. Transparency International said Ghanaians “worked hard to drive out the corrupt.”

The only other African countries ranked higher than Ghana are Botswana (63), Cape Verde (55), Seychelles (55), Rwanda (54), Mauritius and Namibia which scored 53 each.

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