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ICC judge refers Kenya government to body overseeing court for non-cooperation


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Kenya failed to cooperate with the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the case against President Uhuru Kenyatta, the court ruled on Monday.

The court has now referred the country to the Assembly of State Parties for action on the basis of non-compliance.

A statement by the court said that “the Republic of Kenya had failed to comply with its obligations to cooperate with the ICC and referred the matter” to the court’s governing body.

ICC judges Kuniko Ozaki, Robert Fremr and Geoffrey Henderson ruled that; “Trial Chamber V(B) concluded today that the Republic of Kenya has failed to comply with its statutory obligations to consult with the Court and to take all reasonable steps to execute a request for cooperation from the Court, including by not providing clear, relevant and timely responses or taking any meaningful steps to compel production of requested information.

“According to the Chamber, the non-cooperation has prevented the court from exercising its functions and powers under the Statute.”

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  1. This court is basically a kangaroo court, where on earth should a court name suspects first ,then look for evidence? Isn’t it the evidence that should lead you to the suspects? Lets meet at ASP.

  2. To get the heart of this Criminal Institution, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, do this:
    1. Alice Bailey’s 10 point program
    2. Georgia Guidestones 10 commandments
    3. The UN as the New World Order
    4. The Satanic Cult and its doctrine of Theosophy
    All the above will open the eyes of the ignorant to notice we are in a web of diabolic deception and that the Elites are ready to take over the world and make you a slave then kill you off (They need only 500 million people on the planet and Africans, and most whites, are not part of this deal)
    Yes! our African leaders are corrupt like almost 90% of us all in some way or another. They need to be brought to book for misusing public money and killing innocent lives. But under the “sharp end of the wedge” of the ICC entry, we shall be 78 times more of prisoners than by our African dictators. Believe me.
    Now do the goggling


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