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Kenya rejects US gay rights agenda discussed by President Obama


Kenya is an anti-gay country. Below is what President Obama said when asked during a press conference this afternoon in Nairobi what he thinks about gay rights in Kenya.
“The US believes in the principle of treating people equally under the law and that they are deserving of equal protection under the law and that the state should not discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation and I say that recognizing that there may be people that have different religious or cultural beliefs but the issue is how does the state operate relative to people. You can look at the history of people around the world. When you start treating people differently not because of the harm they are doing to anybody but because they are different, that’s the path whereby freedom is beginning to erode.
If somebody is a law abiding citizen who is going about their business and not breaking any law and obeying the traffic signs and doing all the things good citizens are supposed to do and not harming anybody, the idea they are treated differently based on who they love is wrong. Full stop.”he said
Below is Kenyan president, Uhuru Kenyatta’s response on the issue

“The fact of the matter is Kenya and US share so many values, democracy, entrepreneurship, family values. These are things we share but there are some things we do not share. Our culture our societies don’t accept. Its very difficult for us to be able to impose on people that which they themselves do not accept. This is why I repeatedly say that for Kenyans today, the issue of gayrights is really a non issue. We want to focus on other areas that are day to day living for our people. Our health issues as we have discussed with president Obama. These are critical. Issues of inclusivity of women, a key section of society that is normally left out of the mainstream of economic development. What we can do in terms of infrastructure, Education, Roads, Power and Entrepreneurship. Maybe once like you have overcome some of these challenges we can begin to look at new ones  but the fact remains that this issue is not one that is in the foremost minds of Kenyans and that is the fact”he said
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  1. We are in the society that prepares future generation and God fearing. So, if they want to impose there agendas to us we have to say NO. they is no way man to man will bear a child and God who created a man and a woman is not a fool.

  2. I thank the Kenyan President for making Africa proud and not bowing to the so called call for gay rights. The truth is Africa the main issue is not gay rights. What we want is economic empowerment of our people.

    It is time our leaders rose up and got weaned from the aid mentality that is making the west try to push things down our throats. In Africa we want infrastructure development, entrepreneurship skills, health services but not gay rights.

    Let the US and other pro gay nations think twice about the priorities of Africa. We have our own priorities, let them respect them. In addition our leaders please stop being self seekers and seek for the development of your people.


  3. That’s it!! Homosexuality is not an issue for we Africans! US is appropriating almost every resource of this globe alone; and we should respect their right to go to the hell alone! We should not allow them to twist our spiritual confidence in return to material benefits. Thanks President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    1. Not all Americans are like obama! Most of us spoke against homosexuality! As a nation we seem to be easily bullied by fringe groups. This should not have even been on obama’s lips to speak about to your countries. What an embarrassment for us that he spoke of this to you.

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  5. Gay rights is a “non-issue” in Kenya? Well, President Obama should make it an issue before we continue any kind of partnership with Kenya.

    1. Why do you think Obama should make it an issue before you talk of any partnership? Will the partnership base on gay rights or mutual interest of partners, thus America and Kenya? You mean of all the issues, America’s interest as a nation is on gays?

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  7. Let every Nation have its own view for Human Rights, and not impose other nation’s believe in what for others is unacceptable by culture, tradition and Religion.

  8. It’s clear in my mind that Obama has accepted president Mugabe proposal and is now in Africa to prepare for the wedding. President Mugabe will fly to Kenya to meet Obama parents for the traditional wedding, according to our African culture. Final ceremony to take place in the white House, in accordance with the American culture…..

  9. Gays rights? We should then get ready for Clepto-maniac rights soon. The world was not this developed 50 years ago, but the people lived ok. Africa trade amongst yourselves and let America shove their aid up where they are telling our men to put their sticks.

  10. Wow!! What an amazing word it is ururu Kenyatta!!!
    That’s it , we Africans have our own culture, we don’t accept your idea Obama, you should better change your idea, good job Kenyatta!

  11. i wonder if kenyata will maintain his position for a very long time knowing that america always gets what it wants. look at uganda where a law was passed and in just a month it was droped

  12. it makes no meaning and sense imposing gay rights to us Africans, more so homosexuality is not a human right around the globe! To blindly believe in this dismay and catastrophe being preached by the West, we need Obama to accept the PRESIDENT MUGABE’S proposal for wedding just in relation to the common adage that “a good leader should be exemplary” However, if their wedding yields/produces a human being, then the imposition acceptance by Africans will be a matter of seconds, otherwise.
    Also we understood that Obama was used by the US as the means/tool of passing the gay activities although he knows it very well that it is an abomination where he originated. Am proud of Kenyatta for his defensive statement

  13. Homosexuality isn’t the issue of we Africans. US and his followers certainly know that we African peoples couldn’t obey this rule but they try to settle for the next generation, so we should conscious of this. Words fail me to express my appreciation of the Kenyan leader, really he is a great leader and proud of him, he respects the African peoples interest

  14. Gay right is not the current issue of africans, we have so many in equalities on the other basic human & democratic rights let u focus on identfying & acting on them! 10Q uru!

  15. i think uhuru kenyatta nows his post of being call a president . how can a man mount on to another man ,IF i am mistaken foregive me and GOD the creater will judge as , every person has rules that he use to ruled with his people ,so oboma want to be the president of us and also president of kenya ,how and inwhich way ,i know a man can marry two wives in afica but you can not ruled two counties at the same time .

  16. Obama’s point is that legalizing discrimination is a slippery slope. After you are done with the homosexuals, who is next?

  17. We must obey God’s law. Man and Woman marriage and not otherwise. Those who act against God’s law are making world a worse place for mankind

  18. I am proud of you president, Uhuru Kenyatta you are a true African u are a true leader

  19. Well, Presedent Obama bringing this idea to african and to my country Ethiopia in the name of human right while our religious, social and cultural values can’t at all is in line with it. Why in earth this has to be the issue of the talk between our governments and him? Why in earth he try to impose immoral things that at the end will force our religious belief and teachings to be compromised. Well in the first place Human right teachings and philosophies in this area are extremely biased and lacks absolute truth. And there is no point to mention it as respecting human right.

  20. Illuminati’s have no power over the children of GOD.I break this demonic sayin’ of gayism by the blood of JESUS CHRIST.

  21. Dear mankind,
    The issue challenging Africa these days is not whom to make sex with, it is how to leave secured, free of corruption, with human diginity, excercising right to every resource and so on. God had no dicussion with any one (leaders, scientistis, bishops) when he made Eve for Adam. This is how he started a blessed marriage partnership.

    In agreement with the statement of Presedent Uru Kenyatta, Our African Culture is our identity that has no way for gay right.

    Dear all mankind, if you don’t glory God, rivers and mountains give Him glory; and you loose.

  22. dont let these heathens bring their foolish and bad morals that they contact underworld and try to bring them here in africa.we are GOD fearing people,why cant yhey talk about things that will improve the livelyhood of our lives,schools,unversities etc.i thought obama was wise enough but he is not,maybe even a younger daughter of his is more intelligent than him.


    we the present Younger Generation of Mamá Africa, will never and every allow the western politician (countries) to use Gays rights as an instrument of Human Rights, Freedom and Democracy to abolish our truly and only remaining African Traditions, Cultures and Beliefs.
    Let African decide for their own futures, and build the African that we want.
    By Joseph Kemoh Kabba
    Pan-African Youth Activist


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