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List of African countries with highest literacy rates


Reports by UNESCO’s Institute for Statistics and the World Bank have seemingly debunked claims that Zimbabwe has the highest literacy in Africa. According to the two organisation, Zimbabwe is not even in the top 10 when it comes to literacy. On the 2015 World Bank ratings, Zimbabwe is number 11 with a literacy rate of 86.9 percent. Unesco also rated 10 other countries as having higher literacy rates than Zimbabwe in 2011. The Unesco rating is 83.6 percent.

According to Unesco:
1.Equatorial Guinea (94.2%)
2.South Africa (93%)
3.Seychelles (91.8%)

4.Libya (89.5%$)
5.Gabon (89%)
6.Mauritius (88.8%)
7.Swaziland (87.8%)
8.Burundi (86.9%)
9.Botswana (85.1%)
10.Cape Verde (84.9%)
11. Zimbabwe (83.6%)

Here are the World Bank ratings:

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