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Amazing! Mario Balotelli donates 50% of his salary to Children in Africa


For the ones who do not know, Mario Balotelli is a football player, which represents OGC Nice and Italy. Maybe there`s something that you don`t know! He gives 50% of his salary to kids in Africa, which shows a little different personality from what we thought.

He also said: “I am a naturalized italian, but I`m from Ghana. I was abandoned by my parents and adopted by two angels. I suffer with racism every day.

I am the first black to wear the jersey of Italy. I`m not angry, but my life experiences make me act differently from other people. Then, try to learn more before you criticize me!”. I didn`t know that he had a awful life and he still has, for suffering racism each day. And when he cried in the Euro 2012 final, he showed some feelings too.

After knowing all this, and the most important that he helps children with 50% of his salary, I will think twice before criticizing him. After all he`s a great person.

Did you know that Mario Balotelli gives 50% of his salary to kids in Africa?
What did you think of Mario Balotelli life?
Do you criticize him?

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  1. I have learned something new today, well done Mario for not forgetting your roots, you are an example to so many other successful black men and women too. If more blacks who are successful would contribute either time, money, whatever assistant and some moral support to other black countries, communities, black-business, or some black cause, then maybe some dire situation within some black communities, and some black person’s condition and business might improve.

  2. Thanks you very much mario balotelli for your donation in doses in matter where in Africa .gud bless you for the rest of your life. You are a great person. My name is kens kolley

  3. Msy Migth God will still blessing his life because of his good sense to hepling the poor child in Africa. .. Big hug for Mario

  4. Nice sentiment but it is a pretty empty story. I mean Africa is a Continent not a country – but your portrayal diminishes it to a single nation. Where in Africa is he donating? Every single country or just one? Or is that detail not important? I happen to think this homogenisation of Africa is endemic to the point that people don’t give it a second’s thought which is why I wrote the following blog http://misbeee.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/what-is-capital-of-africa.html?m=1
    Please be a bit more mindful when you write. Your audience is most probably global and may require more.

  5. Thumb up for baloteli, I’m surprised by some individual criticising if I may say so, that the striker is donating his salary to Africa in general, wanting to know where in particular, it is stupendous and back ward thinking for whoever complaining that baloteli is contributing to the continent as a whole or what.Instead. criticising, ypointing a finger to someone? What are u doing urself?

    1. Gamara read my comments carefully, I did not criticise my fellow Ghanaian brother I was criticising the poorly written article which does nothing to dispel myths about Africa being one homogenised whole – ie a country. If Balotelli is sending money to help all 50 plus countries in Africa don’t you think the writer should let us know? But I suspect he is not. It would be nice to know exactly where the money is going to or is that irrelevant to you? And you ask what I am doing for people on the Continent? Well, I left my job to work in Ghana as a volunteer working specifically with orphans in the Krobo area of Ghana who has been rejected by their community for having HIV and Aids or parents with the virus. I also helped to raise awareness and money as part of Ghana’s Day of Caring event which is run by United Way Ghana and happens every 14 February. If you are ever in Accra you should check it out.

  6. A great human being and a great benefactor for young people and a greater role model. .
    I personally don’t care who he plays for or what group or country he benefits, it is enough that Mario is the giant he is. .

    Bravo. ..

  7. Man City, Liverpool, now at AC Milan…it’s not the moral of the story..who cares..and here are some moroons making a big deal of where he plays and where in Africa he’s giving instead of just applauding to the only fact that matters, that he is doing a great thing giving back. It only shows how small minded some people are.
    I have always admired Mario for how strong he stands against racism and his resilience on and off the pitch. That he is giving to a worthy cause makes him even more iconic. Well done Mario, you were destined for greatness through everything you experienced as a child and now. God bless you more..

  8. Sorry, but this story simply isn’t true. First, Balotelli would know that he was certainly not the first black man to play for Italy (that distinction belongs to Fabio Liverani; see the link for a story. Second, while there’s no doubting Super Mario’s generosity, and it’s a fact that he funds a school in Sudan, the notion that he gives half of his money away simply isn’t credible. If it was verifiably true, mainstream media would’ve been all over it; his profile is lower than it was, but he’s still box office.


  9. indeed Mario you re true African whoever say showing off God will bless you abundance.am from south Sudan my name is Amule Angelo

  10. Mario, he already sacrificed to paying his soul that helping each other not to children only, in this case honestly accesses progress and still have much power to remove all darkness, sadness comes from lagging people.
    I wish him much more luck.


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