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Meet This 16 Year Old A Student Who Just Became One Of U.S.’s Fastest Girls Ever!


A 16-year-old Atlanta girl has made history for her breath-taking speed.

Candace Hill (pictured above), participates in track and field at her high school but is already breaking great strides that will get her into college and beyond. This past June, she got became eligible to run professionally after becoming the fastest person ever to run the 100-meter dash.

Hill was clocked completing the dash in just 10.98 seconds. With that kind of  blazing speed, she’ll be eligible to participate professionally in the Summer 2016 Olympics in Rio. Being able to cover 100 meters in under 11 seconds is definitely good enough to win a gold medal at next year’s competition.

Blazing speed, Olympic gold, and record-breaking talent are not the only things young Ms. Hill has at her disposal. She has also just signed an unprecedented endorsement contract with Asics that will give her a 10-year deal.

“Candace is as good a student as she is an athlete, and we found that intriguing,” Gene McCarthy, the CEO of Asics America Group, said in an exclusive interview with The New York Times. “For us, she’s a Halley’s comet of sport, a teenager who’s tremendously gifted in both mind and body. With that talent and drive, we’re betting that she can be the fastest woman in the world someday,” McCarthy continued.

He was definitely right about Hill being gifted in the mind. At her magnet school, she currently has a 4.6 GPA, which is well above average. Hill is also one of her school’s top ten students academically. Her rise from humble beginnings is definitely an inspiration to the young and old alike.

Hill plans to use the earnings from her endorsement deal with Asics to pay her college tuition. She also plans to continue to participate in track and field professionally while she is seeking her degree.

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