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Mixed reactions trail French President Emmanuel Macron’s Statement on Africa’s Problem being “Civilisational”


French President Emmanuel Macron has angered some social media users after he said that the problems Africa face are “civilisational,” adding that its women have “7 or 8 children.”

He said this at the G20 summit, after a reporter from Cote d’Ivoire asked him a question about how much the G20 countries are willing to commit to Africa.

He said the problems with Africa are failed states; multiple trafficking issues for drugs, humans and weapons; infrastructure, education and health.

Here’s a translation by a Reddit user:

Reporter from Ivory Coast:

The G20 have discussed the issue of poverty in Africa. We know that the Mashall plan in Europe cost 150 billion of today’s dollars. Concretely, how much are the G20 countries willing to commit to Africa today and what is France’s position on the matter?


I don’t believe in this reasoning, forgive me for my directness. We among the West have been discussing such Marshall plans for Africa for many years and have in fact given many such plans already. So if it was so simple it would be fixed already. The Marshall plan was a reconstruction plan, a material plan in a region that already had its equilibriums, its borders and its stability. The problems Africa face are completely different and are much different and are “civilizational.” What are the problems? Failed states, complex democratic transitions and extremely difficult demographic transitions.

Multiple trafficking routes that pose severe issues – drugs, human trafficking, weapons. Violent fundamentalism and islamic terrorism. All of these create major issues in a region that at the same time has some examples of excellent growth that prove the continent is a land of opportunity. So if we want a serious answer to African issues and African problems, we must develop a series of politics that are much more sophisticated that a simple Marshall plan or money transfer, which we agree with the world bank on.

The matters of vital infrastructure, education, health – there are roles for financing and it is our responsibility to help on these issues. In terms of security, we must help by linking with regional African stability instruments which France is currently engaging in with the sahel nations. Development, security – and there is also a shared responsibility.

Such a Mashall plan as you desire is also a plan that will be administered by African governments and regional blocs. It’s by a more rigorous governance, a fight against corruption, a fight for good governance, a successful demographic transition when countries today have 7 or 8 children per woman. As of today, spending billions of dollars outright would stabilize nothing.

So the transformation plan that we have to conduct together must be developed according to African interests by and with African leaders. It must be a plan that must take into account the issues I’ve described, using public private partnerships, and must be conducted on a regional and sometimes even national basis.

Social media users have termed his views racist, particularly the part where he says the problems are “civilizational” and the women having multiple births.

Some are of the opinion though that his speech was not racist.

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  1. Why do africans rely so much on the western world to solve their problems? Africa is the richest continent in the world but the poorest. We have a problem……Corruption! Government officials go into office to steal not to advance or make a difference.

  2. why do we Africans like over sensational stories or news? if we have to be sincere, what the French President Macron said is not far from the truth with Africa. most people in Africa with large families faces more challenges in providing for their children which could have been better if the were less in number. He was not directly blaming African women, as the media is trying to put it. You keep blaming the West for Africa’s when is corruption, bad leadership, high infant mortality rate, insecurity, hunger, tribalism, abuse of Democratic processes and human rights to mention a few. Yet when Africans compete with Europeans in the same environment, we do well. then it more of systemic problem that relates to level of civilization.

  3. Everything he said is common sense and of course social media users are idiots and try and make it sound bad,hey social media, theres a few stories of western countries who have taken in Sudanese etc and now have a crime problem more than before,co incidence? Stop trying to cover up reality! There are videos and pages everywhere on the net where you can see all the issues etc,so stop trying to pretend or be reflexive! Thats no way forward,also remember LIVEAID-1985? Geldof raises huge sums of money for africa,are things better now? Of course not…i dont like macron but yet this speech seems amazingly correct.

  4. All of these European countries need to stop trying to dictate and act like they know better, coming here with solutions FOR Africa. Let Africa come with its own solution and help when asked , this is exactly how you bastards came here in the first place you want to impose your own views and solutions by force like you are some kind of gods and know it all shit , shut the fuck up let Africa come to you for help IF it wants help don’t come here uninvited with your oppoinions unless you actually live here shut the FUCK UP . I’m so sick of this SHUT UP! SPEAK WHEN SPOKEN TO


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