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More than 3,000 Chinese companies investing in Africa


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Over 3000 Chinese companies have invested in Africa with at least 100 billion USD in gross assets reports Ghana News Agency.

China has constricted over 7,000 kilometers of railways and roads across the continent and assisted Africa with over 1000 projects that involve building schools, hospitals and sports stadia according to Madam Sun Baohong, the Chinese ambassador to Ghana.

Almost half of the 60 million dollar that the Chinese President Xi Jinping promised African President during the Forum on China – Africa Corporation in South Africa 2015 has been disbursed according to the ambassador.

“Chinese companies have established seven industrial parks in Zambia, Mauritius, Nigeria, Egypt and Ethiopia,” said Ambassador Sun.

The industrial cooperation between China and Africa is growing exponentially. The ambassador explained that “China would continue to make contributions to the economic transformation and sustainable development of Africa.”

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