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MUST READ: 17 Crimes committed by Dictator Muamman Gaddafi against Libyan people



Sometimes we wonder if General Gadaffi is truly a savior or African hero we think he is. @LibyaNewMedia tweeted the following list of 17 crimes committed by Gaddafi against the Libyan people. The list of crimes he and his family have committed against the Libyan people during his 42 year reign would go on forever. It will certainly be a long time before the memories die.


1- A  Shooting at unarmed protestors

2- A Burning houses of people in Tripoli who called Al Jazeera

3- A Looting houses of people suspected to have protested against Gaddafi

4- A Torturing kidnapped people to death

5- A Shutting off water, electricity and communication to cities

6- A Indiscriminate shelling of cities with BM21 grad rockets & tanks

7- A Attacking ambulances & hospitals and killing injured

8- A Using ambulances to move forces & attack on protestors

9- A Kill doctors for treating injured people after hospitals were closed for people

10- Using State TV to encourage violence.

11- Attacking & destroying mosques

12- Using sleeper cells in Benghazi to randomly shoot at civilians to create chaos

13- Forcing migrant workers to join mercenary training camps

14- Stealing all money, phones & other stuff of refuges

15- Attacking livestock near attacked cities

16- Destroying graves of dead protestors, taking away bodies to unknown place

17- Bringing in people to dance with Gaddafi pictures in massacred cities.

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  1. Some times people even don’t tell the Truth,God knows better and surely he’s the best of judges. I have seen lawyers defend a criminal and wins the case so that’s the world we are in now. The truth is always concealed God will for sure pay him for his actions on earth.


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