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Nigerian Senate President Saraki Denies Corruption Charges


SENATE President, Bukola Saraki, has dismissed allegedcorruption charges against him.He said such moves were a ploy to undermine him.

A charge sheet has circulated online suggesting the Code of ConductTribunal (CCT) aimed to try him.Saraki said the claims contained in the charge sheet were “false,”incorrect” and “untrue” as he had consistently declared his assets asrequired by law at every point before resuming any political office.

“It is surprising that the alleged charges are now referring his assetdeclaration made in 2003 while in office as Governor of Kwara State toformulate their charges. They therefore ignored the recent declaration for which they last week issued an acknowledgement,” Saraki said.

He said the plot was “an outright fabrication and mischief which would notand could stand the test of justice.”

“It is simply a pure malicious and politically motivated prosecution aimedat undermining the person and office of the Senate President and thosebehind this plot will definitely meet Dr. Saraki in court as this casewhich is based on outright fabrication and mischief will not and cannotstand the test of justice,” he said.He nonetheless affirmed his belief in the justice system.

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