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Nigerian student Victor Olalusi, scores 5.0 GPA in Russia, first in the world


The Federal Ministry of Education on Wednesday in Abuja honoured Dr Victor Olalusi who scored 5.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) in the Faculty of Clinical Sciences, Russian National Research Medical University, Moscow (RNRMU) in 2013, arguably the first in the world.

Olalusi, who was the best graduating student in the whole Russian Federation in 2013, studied in RNRMU under the Russia-Nigeria Bilateral Education Agreement.

Olalusi previously had the best WAEC result in 2004, First Class  Architecture (FUTA) -2005. JAMB Best Science Student (JAMB score 322) – 2006. Cowbell Prize Award – 2006. Medicine First Merit list (OAU) – 2006. Highest OAU Post UME (score – 325)  – 2006.

Speaking at the event, Dr MacJohn Nwaobiala, the Permanent Secretary in the ministry said a lot of Nigerian students were brilliant but Olalusi was a genius.

He said Olalusi had become an ambassador not only to the ministry but to Nigeria and Russia.

“We have to search the Guinness Book of Records for anybody who has achieved 5.0 in a university. It is curious and strange that all those that evaluated his performance could not find reason to reduce a point from him.

“You should be the ambassador of the Federal Scholarship Board, Ministry of Education, Nigeria and the Russian Federation.

“I look forward to the day you will stand before the President to receive your honour. We have recommendations to that effect, ’’ Nwaobiala said.

He then urged Olalusi to continue to be a role model to young Nigerians and also called on him to explore opportunities in post graduate research.

In her speech, Mrs Ifeoma Agunwa, the Director, Federal Scholarship Board, said Olalusi made 5.0 GPA in all the courses he took in the seven years he studied Medicine in Russia.

She said “Olalusi never had a 4.99 GPA. Even in the Russian language class, he did not fall below 5.0.’’

In her citation on Olalusi, Agunwa said he ranked as one of the best students in the faculty which handed him a place in RNRMU’s Hall of fame for academic excellence.

She said that Olalusi had registered with the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria and had the compulsory one-year housemanship training at State Specialist Hospital, Akure, Ondo State.

According to her, he is presently going through the compulsory National Youth Service scheme in Rivers.

Mr Artem Romanov, who represented the Russian Embassy, said that Olalusi’s feat was very significant for everybody in Russia.

Romanov said “Nigeria is blessed with abundant human potential which is officially acknowledged in Russia.

“It has been acknowledged in the Russian Ministry of Education that Nigerians have a lot of exceptional talents. Genetically, Nigerians grasp knowledge easily.

“Olalusi is a hardworking person. It is not easy to achieve such in Russia; it goes with talent and hard work.

“I urge you to engage your knowledge in the development of your father land.’’

While showing his appreciation, Olalusi thanked God for his rare feat and also commended the Federal Government and the Scholarship Board for the opportunity given to young Nigerians to distinguish themselves.

Mr Olarewaju Olalusi, the father of Olalusi, said that his son’s achievement was as a result of hard work.

Olalusi said his son did not attend high class schools but normal public schools which spoke volumes of the standard of education in Nigeria.

He then urged parents to monitor their wards closely and make sure they were not distracted from their studies.

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  1. Thank God this is a Yoruba man.He was breast-fed by his mother.He was not born in a baby factory.He has achieved what no human being has achieved.I’m a proud Yoruba man

    1. Na wa oooooo…what has ethnicity got to do with his success? I am sure your lame attitude speaks for itself. No telling what you made in your WAEC result. Shame on you….

  2. It’s a job well done…..not only have you proven to Nigerians and Africa but a world at large….God bless.

  3. It’s real inspiration to us fellow Africans, that we can do the best. I pass my great congratulations to you talented guy!!

  4. Congratulation my brother am truly proud of you. My daughters will be listed amongst. Great achiever like you one day ijn amen. God bless you.

  5. The truth is many Africans have accomplished this…Its just a matter of gettin 5 in all the subjects enrolled ….

  6. i am highly inspired, you have not only made Nigeria proud but the whole of Africa , i am a Ghanaian but you have lifted the enthusiast within me and i celebrate you, i k now for sure that this wouldn’t be the only point where you would be celebrated but in your field you would be asset to the world at large. you will continue to do remarkable things. God protect you

  7. this guy is a great genius. I celebrate him. May God continue to endow him with more knowledge. He needs to be celebrated.

  8. One person that got me so amaze as man is Dotun Victor Olalusi …back then, so committed to the work of Christ and balanceics life. Mindwell.This Forum has publicize this laudable success Dotun has made us proud …. He major on his strength … A challenge to us all. God bless u Dotun …’iweeee’

  9. Wow u rily inspired me, i say congrats to u bro and may u achieve more height in all ur endeavour ijn…..amen! Congrats to ur parent too bcos they brought u up in the right manner of d Lord. Congrats again bro

  10. THIS IS ANOTHER PROOF THAT ; I AM A BLACK DOES NOT MEAN I AM INFERIOR. RATHER IT TELLS ME I CAN DOMINATE. …tell me a colour you mix black with that it will not dominate it… Love you Sir, I celebrate the greatness in Us

  11. I’m so sorry I can’t correlate “best waec student in 2004” and “first class architecture(2005)-FUTA “best science jamb student(2006) best student in oau post ume(2006). I NEED CLARITY

  12. Congratulation dotun…. and thanks for inspiring all of us which includes the old and young. The world is is waiting for successes from U man. Please build on this solid platform U have created for yourself… God bless richly…..

  13. To God be the Glory .Great Thing He has done & Greater Things He will do in your Life.
    This is an indication that The Almighty God is not done with the Country called Nigeria.
    Compliments & Congrats
    Remain Blessed.
    Prince Gabby Uzoma Olejeme

  14. Congrats bro.Never really got to know him well before he left our class in oau but the few moments i saw him around for,i knew there was something spectacular about him.kudos to you again victor

  15. I am a Ghanaian but have met and can attest to the rare talent of distinguished Nigerian students. But there are also some mumus in Naija too oo lool

  16. Great talent no doubt. But always get your stastics straight when reporting.
    I am very sure the years qouted in the statement below must be wrong. WAEC 2004, FIRST CLASS ARCHITURE FUTA 2005, etc ????????
    “Olalusi previously had the best WAEC result in 2004, First Class Architecture (FUTA) -2005. JAMB Best Science Student (JAMB score 322) – 2006. Cowbell Prize Award – 2006. Medicine First Merit list (OAU) – 2006. Highest OAU Post UME (score – 325) – 2006.”

  17. Absolutely remarkable, especially in a challenging and demanding field as medicine. I have been inspired by this remarkable achievement. A wake up call to all Nigerians that we can make the best out of every situation that confronts us. CONGRATULATIONS MR. OLALUSI

  18. This is just extraordinary…highly exceptional…he is special…I want yo meet this creature in my life time…9ja no dey carry last

  19. More grace Olanusi. JESUS is the Lord. He said the Children that God has given us are for signs and wonders. The Bible says, the seed of the righteous shall be great upon the earth. Amen as l claim God’s words for my children.

  20. I am happy for your parent and also happy to come from the same place as you DR Olalusi I pray may God preserve your life so that human race can enjoy more of your intelligence on your field of medical advancement. Keep it bro beyond sky is your beginning

  21. i can’t but congratulate this man and appreciate him and his level of intelligence.You hv done greatly well,you depicted to the world that nigerians has it(brain to exhibit great knowledge and great wisdom).you have set a record for the whole wild world to catch if they can.
    Congratulations bro!#proudly nigeria

  22. This is a laudable achievement and the young man should be celebrated. However a major concern for me stares at our faces – is Nigeria ready for this genius. I have seen many prodigies like this waste away except they migrate to where structures have been put in place for their likes and indeed others to succeed especially when they show such capacities. Apart from the awards, can anybody tell me what is next for Victor Olalusi. Nigeria has sunk so low that we celebrate mediocrity and brush down excellence. It was not so before. Let the government and private sector show what they can put in place to sustain and encourage Victor and others to press on. It is just a matter of time, the whole world would migrate towards Nigeria. May God help us all.

  23. Congratulations on your excellent outstanding performance. As a matter of fact, you have not only made your parents proud but also your country. May you continue to exhibit God’s extraordinary annointing of knowledge. I am proud of your achievement.

  24. I really thank God for your great achievement.Well,I’m not surprise anymore this guy… I know what he can do….We passed out in the same school….

  25. I really thank God for your great achievement.Well,I’m not surprise anymore about this guy… I know what he can do….We passed out in the same school….

  26. Waw!! Give that guy any course, he will still come out with 5.0 CGPA. A genius is a genius any time and any where.

  27. Iwaju ni ola awa omo Oodua yo ma lo o. A ko ni reyin lailai. Mo ki Olalusi pe o gbe ogo Yoruba ga kari aye. Ko si ariyanjiyan mo wipe awa iran Oodua oga ni wa, iwaju si ni opa wa yo ma re si. Ire o, Ire kabiti.


  29. Olalusi, you are a great achiever, i sincerely celebrate your intellectual bowel. God bless you for inspiring me.

  30. Two reasons to be happy…
    He is from Nigeria
    He is the best in that field in the world…I cherish good news like this. Congratulations

  31. some modafuckas will just make it about ethnicity…. Mothers breast your head.
    back to focus …what the fuck mahn…. u make Nigeria and Africa proud…. am proud of you mahn. (if you actually read this)
    gearahere mahn you ain’t taking that 5.0 to heaven… do good, inspire people, change lives…. then u might make heaven (I’ll confirm from Braddah Jesus)

  32. I really commend your knowledge capability that actually earn you such remarkable grade. I am proud of you bro and keep it up as sky the limit,proudly Nigerian and proudly African thumbs up…..

  33. Remember LORD who creates u giv tanks to Him and av excelent in wat he realy create us to do in dis lyf. God said i created u Jin n Humanbin for d purpose of worshp me. All dis certifca is meant for dis lyf but wat of the hereafter. God wil guard n guide u thru

  34. More grace to you Dr Olalusi.This is the beginning of your manifestations. May the Holy Spirit of the Lord continue to inspire you to excel the more in life.May you fullfil your divine purpose in Jusus’name.Amen.i


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