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No money? No problem! Kenyan couple weds in simple ceremony dressed in T-shirts




Weddings are most often full of opulence, and in most cases very costly.

Well, the commitment ceremonies have been on the spotlight this week.

With all the amount of money couples use to hold wedding ceremonies, some young lovers may opt not to wed for lack of adequate funds that would finance glamorous ceremonies in front of their families and friends.

A week ago, authorities in a Somali town banned lavish weddings, saying such kind scared young men away, making them not want to get married. The authorities set a maximum amount of money to be used to organize weddings and the amount of food to be availed in the ceremonies. All this to encourage more men not to fear wedding their spouses.

In Kenya however, a different trend was witnessed.


A young Kenyan couple became instant internet sensations after photos of their simple wedding went viral online.

The couple, Ann and Wilson Mutura, are seen in the photos taking their wedding vows, but dressed casually in a ceremony that does not seem to have cost much.

Both of them are dressed in red T-shirts, and are seen to be at an altar committing to each other.

In the photos, Mrs. Mutura is dressed in a jeans skirt to accompany the T-shirt, and is not wearing any make up.

After their vows, a happy Mr. Mutura is seen to passionately hug his love, evidently satisfied with the day’s events.


Most Kenyans on social media have poured immense praise on the lovebirds, wishing them well in their marriage and also God’s blessings.

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  1. In fact that must be a leason to all youths and parents and those preparing to make a new marriage.God didn’t set da exact amount to make marriage so no cost should be put on it coz remember in genesis Adam and Eva almost didn’t have anything bt only ordinary things wasn’t their marriage holly? So GOD bless that marriage and I 100% support it.

  2. This is a symbol of true love never dies .God Bless this married ,I’m happy for you and this is a shinning example.Enjoy your marriage

  3. They just set a model that will go a long way to help aspiring couple with low budget. Who said wedding have to be expensive? I celebrate this couple & I pray that Jehovah bless their union.

  4. I believe weddings shldnt be burdensome and must b simple. but at least cldnt dey hv worn jx a decent dress. it’s a milestone n shldnt b treated like any other day. a simple shirt n decent trouser cld hv been better. looks like dia being summoned 4 a wrong doing.


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