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North Korea accuses US of spreading Ebola and choosing Africa as a bio-weapon testing ground


The secretive state reacted strongly to the Ebola outbreak by closing its border to tourists and quarantining anyone who does enter.

Now, a report by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) is claiming an aide to ex-President Reagan informed them the US had invented a progenitor of Ebola virus “for the purpose of launching a biological warfare”.

The aide was named as Roberts, who The Washington Post said could be a reference to Paul Craig Roberts, an econmoist.

Mr Roberts recently published a blog post entitled ‘Is The US Government The Master Criminal Of Our Time?’ which cited work published by two academics on Ebola.

Only a few weeks after a UN resolution condemned the country’s human right’s record, The KCNA criticised the US for its own human rights record.

The article said the US had given $140 million (£89 million) to a pharmaceutical company for research into the virus and chose Africa as a bio-weapon testing ground. It credited this claim to an unnamed Liberian professor.

It also claimed that the “US Department of Health and Human Services” admitted that the US “imperialists” have long conducted “vivisections with fatal epidemics, inflicting untold sufferings on mankind”.


It added: “Russian, Singaporean and American newspapers criticised that the US developed anti-Ebola virus vaccine through experiment on Ebola contagion, but has prevented this vaccine from being known to the world, only for its own interests.”

It also went on to claim that the Aids pandemic was also created by the US. In one final accusation, it said: “As already known to everyone, the US is the world’s biggest nuke possessor.”

Source: Indepedent.co.uk

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  1. US is too dumb to understand peace, love, and life. They find these things too cheap. They must be stopped. Their activities are creating terrors all over the world.

  2. Stop using us Africans as test subjects, you think we didn’t see this all this time? Your countries that claim superiority use Africa for their own benefits but I know Africa is clever our silence must not fool you,as God has given us power over racism and apartheid so shall we have our day too in all this,you claim to be anthropologists,you donate food that has viruses in them and you think we don’t see all this?dot over estimate yourselves this much one day a revolution will rise and you shall eat your own dung

  3. Oh our dear world, what have we done to deserve all these killings, blood is pouring out every second in all the corners of our world today especially in Africa, why? The sacredness of the human blood has been defiled; many sorrows of man’s life are by no means an effect of his total abandonment of the cause causer. Indeed the most painful and intolerable of man’s evils are the fruit of purposeful killings in the name of religion and inheritance of eternal life. Man, through your prolonging progress towards scientific and atomic development you have subjected the world to a great bitterness in the gratis and malevolent loathing, betrayer and ingratitude of life. The history of the world is now a complete record of sorrows, sorrows that arises from the fact that man is the measure of his life that is the idea that he can perfect the world through the use of reason. Christ Himself measured this world worth to His care. For this reason, He came down to reconcile the world with the Father and later left it on those who loved and feared Him to continue the work of caring toward the world because of this call of God to man to share in His divine life, it is emphatically a divine task of man to humanize the whole world. Our politicians and all those encharge of our nations you have task to accomplish whether you like it or not and if you don’t do it and keep on spoiling the footstool of God you will face the recompense.
    Oh dear Africans, till when we should learn that Africa is not a testing ground for atomic energy and guns? When are we going to come out of our dungeon name and identity that is “The third world country” a place of dumping refuses of all kinds? Mama Africa, we ardently implore you to come to our aid through the celebration of masses going on all over the world.

  4. It’s sad to learn of this but first one has to blame those people of Liberia for letting the Agents of death and destruction to establish a military Base there and for begging too much. The
    people of Liberia think that they are Americans and almost 99% of them claim to be in the
    ministry and want help to build churches. The problem Liberians is that they want to live a
    good life but are not willing to work hard in order to live it. If you continue begging more
    things will be attached to the aid like Ebola virus.

  5. You are right nkolo,we Liberians think that the US love us .We are totally wrong.They don’t care about us all that they care about is our resources not human lives.But the day is coming when they will pay the price for their crimes.History repeat itself .The Roman empire,The Greek empire,The Purcha empire and the British empire are nowhere to be found today.America you will fall one day and that falling will be remember to all mankind.

  6. I think those who believe the lies in this story need a deliverance from lack of knowledge. 1) 1) How stupid would it be for America to test a secret weapon in public. Biochemical weapons are a secret , your enemy should never know what kind of weapon you have
    2) Since when has North Korea been interested about Africa. Isn’t it propaganda it is using to play with people’s emotions to further its own interests
    3) the article reportedly refers to individuals as having said something, nothing is quoted to verify the authenticity of the claims . The article should have been well researched
    4) engineering a virus is no easy task as portrayed in sci fi movies. During the time of Reagan it was impossible to create a virus let alone create a stable strain.
    5) Conspiracy theories are there to make people believe lies. They take the reader on an emotional roller coaster with the aim of brain washing


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