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Let me get this straight; People are running away from Ethiopia, Sudan and Eritrea claiming that they are oppressed, most of them end up in middle east where they are turned into slaves straight a way, killed and organs sold in black markets. Why don’t you stay home and fight to change your country, if not for you and not now, for your children and future generations.

If you gonna have to fight for survival in a foreign land, might as well do it in your country and change it. Do you want kids 20 years from now to continue running?

Someone runs away from Somalia where they have a higher chance of survival, go to middle east in a journey that is only 50/50 chance of survival. You have over 99% chance of staying alive in Somalia than cross mediterranean sea.

Last year even Chicago in US had more murders than Somalia, so why not stay put and build your country, it needs you. Also, why the hell are Ghanaians, Nigerians, Senegalese and Gambians dying in the sea when they come from countries where there is 0.000000000000000001% of being killed?

This is why I think it’s cowardly, because if you are going to put your life on the line to migrate, you might as well put your life on the line to change your country for the better for it’s future generation. Sometimes you just plant a tree even if you will never sit under it’s shade.

Source: Africlandpost

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