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Powering Zimbabwe: $500 million upgrade to increase energy generation


Zimbabwe will take a huge step towards resolving its long running energy deficit this year after the completion of expansion of the Kariba South Hydro power station.

The $533 million upgrade of Kariba power plant by Chinese contractor Sino Hydro Corporation, which began in 2015, is now 92% complete.

It’s expected to increase power generation by at least 300 megawatts. That will significantly lower electricity imports, which Zimbabwe’s relied on to stave off black outs.

At least 500 megawatts of power from neighbouring South Africa and Mozambique, have been supplementing local supply. Zimbabwe’s recently run into problems paying for those imports, reported to cost in the region $5 million per week, due to shortages of foreign currency.

Those challenges could soon be a thing of the past after the commissioning of the Kariba extension project, which is planned for December 24, a perfectly timed Christmas present.

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