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Rwanda’s President, Paul Kagame Promises Fair Polls as He Runs For 3rd Time


Paul Kagame

President Kagame has told members of the diplomatic corps that presidential elections slated for August 4, 2017 will be conducted in a fair, transparent and peaceful way as others had been held before in the country.

“We are looking forward to a constructive and meaningful election later this year marking an important period of consolidation for our country. Rwandans have come to expect things to be done thoughtfully, openly and in a security while strengthening our unity. For us, this is an important approach that we have pledged will be preserved,” said Kagame.

While meeting with ambassadors, high commissioners, Heads of international organizations and members of the consular corps for the diplomatic luncheon and wishing them a happy new year of 2017 yesterday at Radisson Blu Hotel and Convention Centre (KCC) in the capital Kigali, the head of state said the government appreciated the way diplomatic corps played their part in airing their views related to election preparations.

This year’s presidential elections will be the third of this kind to be organized in the country whereby Rwandans will go to polls to vote their preferred leader to head the country for the 5 year-term.

These polls are due to take place against the backdrop that Rwandans have manifested steel will to maintain the current president in the office – thanks to milestones he achieved during his two terms in office.

In this respect, they had petitioned the parliament which led to the organization of the referendum aimed at changing the constitution. Though the ruling party-RPF hasn’t fronted their flag-bearer, Rwandans largely expressed their desire for President Paul Kagame to re-run for his succession to consolidate gains achieved after more 20 years following the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi.

Rwanda has fared well globally in several sectors such as health, ease of doing business and security which brought about the change of all Rwandans’ wellbeing, among others.

Kagame stressed that it’s hinged on good politics and partnerships with several countries.

“The progress that we all see in Rwanda is a result of our commitment to good politics. A politics that is responsible and forward-looking and most importantly centered on our hardworking people in partnership with you.”

With efforts to boost relations with other countries, Rwanda has 32 embassies around the world and 38 foreign diplomatic missions including Morocco whose ambassador recently presented credentials.

Fourteen diplomatic missions are headquartered in the capital Kigali, while 24 embassies are based in the region.

Also 33 international organizations operate in the country according to Foreign Affairs Ministry’s website

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