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Say no to Child marriages! Please share to raise awareness to this issue



Whatever may be the advantages of settling down early in life, the fact remains there are problems to be faced if one gets into matrimony too quickly. What are these?

Problems of Early Marriage – Disadvantages of Early Marriage
    • Responsibility: Responsibility has to be shouldered at a very young age. One has to take on household responsibilities, child rearing responsibility etc. There is no adult to guide or help out in case the couple are living alone. There is a minimum age for driver’s license, voting, joining army, certain jobs and even joining Facebook then why there cannot be a minimum age for marriage so that the couple could fulfill their responsibilities responsibly.
    • Teenage Life: Missing out on the fun of teenage life and being young. The drudgeries of married life can get on to the unmatured minds. This affects the overall growth of individuals and in most of cases they do not turn up to be a responsible citizens. This might be attributed to the early tensions and stress the couple has to go through when their minds are not capable to taking them up.
    • Divorce: Breakdown of marriage is possible. Often the young couples are immature to shoulder major responsibilities of life and end up fighting with each other. Adjustment problems may arise primarily after childbirth which could be either financial or responsibility. All these could lead to breakup of the couple which could leave them devastated and it becomes very difficult for them to come back fully to normal life.

  • Education: The young couple may not be able to pursue higher education as they have to take on the responsibilities of family budget. About 50% of the women who are pregnant in their teens only complete their high school education in USA whereas 90% women complete it who never got pregnant in their teens.
  • Career: Work opportunities are limited for the youngsters. Since their education levels are low, they cannot get highly paid jobs. In addition since most are not able to complete even their high scool education, they have to settle with menial jobs which are often not well paid.
  • Children Upbringing: Bringing up children may be difficult. Their knowledge of child care may be limited and parental guidance is also not there. They may not be able to provide the appropriate care for their child.
  • Children Life: According to CDC, children born out of teenage mothers tend to drop out of high school, get lower scores at school, suffer from health issues, unemployment and they themselves are prone to be married early.
  • Health: Health also can get affected as early pregnancy can have a negative impact on overall health primarily for women.
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