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Should AU and ECOWAS deploy troops to Gambia to oust President Yahya Jammeh?


Should ECOWAS deploy troops to Gambia to oust president Yahya Jammeh over refusal to step down when his mandate ends on Thursday 19th January 2017?

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  1. Where in the world did the war ever solve the problem? It doesn’t make sense at all. They’re both muslims and what they need to do is only to come terms and agree to run the country together with humility. That’s what religion teaches us and rest to be left in the hands of the almighty GOD ( ALLAH), to judge on the day when there will be NO kings and leader except Him alone. It is really very ridiculous if the ignite the war in the Gambia. Africans we need to catch a wake up and NOT to be dictated by the so called West and other non African Nations. We need to stand together as Africans by NOT allowing the outsiders control us. Gone is that time and era is when we used to be remotely controlled by those who think are superior than us. No to violence, big NO to war. GOD gave us tongues and the put the speech on them, HE did not create us with Guns.

  2. I DON’T think that will be a good way to go in this situation. I urge the authority of UN,ECOWAS and AU to rather use their humble offiices to still continue their persistence dialogue between both parties to rectify the problem rather than resorting to “violence” Please consider the ordinary citizenry
    with regards to decision making.Remember violence begets violence. GOD SAFE GAMBIA.


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