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US President Obama's Security Team Arrives in Kenya


US President Barack Obama’s security team has started arriving in the country 15 days to the 6th Global Entrepreneurship Conference.

At least eight US marine choppers have arrived with more armored cars landing at JKIA according to police sources.

Three Bell 412 EP military helicopters have been spotted at the Wilson airport inside the Phoenix Aviation hangar.

The armored cars are said to be from the American Embassy in South Africa while the helicopters are from the US military base at Manda Bay.

The armored vehicles arrived aboard a South African cargo plane.

Sources close to plans for Obama’s arrival on July 25 say at least 800 Secret Service and 2,000 Kenya police will guard him.

US marines have been spotted walking in Eastlands, apparently checking routes Obama may use during his brief stay.

The government is on Thursday training airport workers on how to handle visitors who will start arriving on July 24.

The Star reported that all those attending the conference will only stay in designated hotels and be ferried every morning to KICC the venue of the conference.

Obama’s itinerary is still a guarded secret, but he is expected to hold meetings with his host President Uhuru Kenyatta, address Parliament and meet with opposition and civil society leaders.

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