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View Photos: From GRACE to DISGRACE: Lesson for all African leaders



This is Former Ivorian President, Laurent Gbagbo been pulled like a goat to the slaughterhouse. He was once upon a time the most powerful man in the Ivory Coast, now he is on trial for war crimes. And this picture is evidence of the fact that power isn’t permanent. Those present arrogant government appointees must take a cue from this.

Today is their day but tomorrow wouldn’t. There’s a revolution going on all over the world and citizens are beginning to wake up to their rights.

Image result for Laurent Gbagbo arrested
Before they fell out of power
Image result for Laurent Gbagbo arrested
Ivory Coast’s Laurent Gbagbo and his wife Simone sit in a room at Hotel Golf in

Image result for Laurent Gbagbo arrested

Image result for Laurent Gbagbo arrested
Ivory Coast’s Laurent Gbagbo and his wife Simone sit in a room at Hotel Golf in

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Michel Gbagbo, son of former President Laurent Gbagbo, beaten up by Ouattara forces in
Image result for laurent gbagbo arrested
Relatives of Laurent Gbagbo at the Hotel Golf following the arrest of the fallen strongman
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  1. International humanitarian Law says that once somebody is captured, he is in a weak position who deserves protection. So,let the law take its cause and let his family be not be brutalized for the sins of their father.

  2. The arrest and detention of the former president of Ivory Coast has nothing to do with him committing any wrong against his people, it is his refusal to let the west dictate his people’s cocoa price that let to his demise. We must condemn his arrest and rise from the slumber of imperialism!

  3. African leaders are the ones always humiliated. Though European leaders commits worse atrocity no one speaks or take them to Account. This same thing they did to Gaddafi many were cheering. Until we all start using our heads Africa will remain the dark continent

    1. Very true that! It seems we enjoy watching our people being disgraced rather than building each other!! Africa is still rising from out of the imperial and colonial masters hands, so there shall be a lot of mistakes done by our people we put in power. As they did to all great leaders of Africa so they shall continue if we don’t catch a wake!!! Africa must wake Up!

    1. Exactly, people not wanting to think. That chap lost elections and didnt want to hand over power and now idiots bring in imperialism.

  4. Nothing is permanent on this earth, so that’s the result. You see any thing that go up must one day come down, so african leaders must take leaf of it.

  5. The western powers as nothing to do with the African trancy… The African leaders do behave and act as seems they are god. So their thirsty for power is unlimited, some want to be king.

  6. They shouldn’t torture each and everyone lke dat because as we people,we do commit crimes bt let them know and understand dat rain doest fall on one roof.

  7. Nigeria stupid leaders are the next on line, their case will be worse than this they all perished along with their corrupted family no mercy to any of them as they refuse to show mercy on the future of this Nation and the masses that voted them in to their office.they will be crushed out of this Nation because Nigeria politicians are the Natural disaster we the citizens of this have,Nigeria leaders are greedy, selfish, and useless to Nigerians.fulk them all.because we the citizens of Nigeria and the foreigners have learned to live without Nigeria government support in all areas of our lives to security.GOD is our security helper.

  8. African leaders must learn to respect the rule of law while in power & respect human dignity to avoid being treated like stray wild cats.

  9. What have they done with the BUSH family after killing more people in IRAQ, destabilized Libyan economy, killing more people in afghan in the name of fighting terrorism. why have they not gone to north Korea but always in Africa still treating us as slaves. African woke up otherwise you remain poor forever.

  10. That’s very sad, If someone was trying to avoid the west imperialist, that wz Great. But our brethrens ‘n sistrens don’t see anything. Why do us Africans see nor consider the West to be gods of africa.. I think the mind of an Arab man is cool.

  11. Thants why black continent , black people , black hair , black minded . His reign was wrong , but give him respect because he ones protected you from enermies . This western forces are bullshit !!! Have you ever seen bush or clinton being treated like that? but they killed innocent pipo like muama kadafi, sadam husain & bin laden. Protect your brother or sister from this western forces .Be a brothers keeper , The solution is just to jail him or you put him under house arrest.

  12. They have been provoking for this throghout their office time .extending their power time and denying their defeat in a democratic and civilized manner believing country and people are their own property let alone the wealth they have embsseled and hid abroad.This should be a lesson to many our African leaders who are destroying and painting grey the dreams and sacrifices of many leaders and fighters ,…..

  13. Had all African leaders been behaving like the ones in our neighbour hood in the south, who could have wished this to happen to them? The problem is them thinking that their country’s fate lays in their hands and that everything there in belongs to them. For one, I don’t like such a thing to happen to a former president. If he is to be probed, some respect shud be given.



  16. A lot of lessons to learn: positions to leadership is ordained by God Almighty and therefore, we need to as matter of importance seek God to direct and guide you; rather seeking help from earthly will fail in the with disgrace. Fear God and live right and it shall be with you.

  17. This is not fair.. Why should they be treated this way, does two wrong make a right? And this is published for all to see too. Very bad.

  18. The sin of Gbagbo is not necessarily because of his maladministration as President of his country. The major reason is because he did not allow the lazy, dumb imperialist French authorities and their Western allies to have their way as they had desired. There are worse leaders who will never be treated like this. Such inequality and injustice accounts for why the world will not know peace soon. Quite unfortunate.

  19. As far as i am concerned i do not support issues like this in any way. Although this is Africa and we have so many things that need to change amongst us, however this is not the way look out for those changes. have we wondered at all, why we don’t see trends like these in the developed world; i think this is not the path to take that Africa might out of whatever problem/challenge she’s in right now.

  20. Some people here are very ignorant and stupid. The west are the ones who control most African countries and their natural resources. So they put leaders into power and once the leaders realize that what is going on is not on the best of their country and they start acting against the powers that be. They create regime change, by paying for missonaries to come act as if there is no real democracy and they also give them find and ammunition. So you idiots can fight each other, while creating an environment for the white man to put a leader that will follow their orders in place. That is how Africa is being colonised now. Through our leaders. We r just very stupid to wake up an smell the coffee. Look at Mugabe, they want him off becoz he is a dictator according to them an you idiots believe it. Now let’s talk about Do Sontos of Angola who has been the president for 43 years to date. But becoz Chevron and other American companies owsn the petrol in angola. No1 speaks of him. Have any of you been to Angola. I have been there and seen how power the native Angolan is living. With no proper medical facilities. The Angolans come to my country for medical treatment, but do does any14speak about him? Not at all, becoz he has been a good slave boy to the white masters. Look at how they r pulling their own brother for refusing to be colonised. It’s a pity how stupid and foolish Africans will remain.

  21. I agree with Clement the humanitarian principle of saving life and the Geneva convention should be adhered to while treating prisoners of war. Who knows the next prisoner in this our hostile clime.

  22. Oh Africans wake up from your sleep.The white cocks keep using us against ourselves with all sorts of deceit,cheat and thrown hates among us to treats ourselves still as slaves.How many of white cocks leaders ever been treated this way?oh God help Africa and Africans.

  23. Africa should learn to respect human dignity. Whether you are a thief or a saint, there are rights that should be preserved and respected. We can never get it right until we stopped this vicious cycle of victimisation. Gbagbo deserves some respect notwithstanding.

  24. God is the only King that live for ever, live your today wise so that tomorrow can pay for your good deed…..
    This not just a lesson for the leaders but also for an individual. King today can become a slave, depend on your way of controlling the throne

  25. Hey, I think peoples to remember 2morow by not be killing each other with hatred or malices. At least d man had been caught & facing trail but beating family. That was silly attitude of Libya on the issue of their former president. This can caused Terror attack now or Then

  26. Nigeria leaders are next.
    Congratulations to Nigerians on their deliverance from oppression through revolution.

  27. To all Pan-Africanist and the rest of Africans at large ,a big round of applause to those combating neo-colonialism the metamorphosis of success is crystal clear

  28. Those treating this man and his family in this manner are by themselves perpetuating an illegality. I doubt any reasonable law would allow for such inhumane treatments upon a former head of state regardless of his crimes. Let the law take its course and remember that those soldiers’ maltreatment can not go on forever.

    1. This is not a disgrace to only the culprit but to the entire country. How can you punish a family for the wrong did of one person. This shows how the country opperats. Is a bad thing on their side. They should put a stop to it for is not a good example for the next generation. Such bad constitution. Ah naaaa

  29. Zambia is also ripe as a dictator. Law here is selective. People who do not support govt are incarcerated before any investigation is done.

  30. If Africans will not unite, we will all die like fools. I don’t know what will happen now. I wish to have long live but longevity seems not possible. I will start by this argument. When Kwame Nguruma discovered Panafricanism he was killed, Patrice Lumumba thought of Federalism he was killed and his body put in an Acid. Recently when Tabo Mbeki of south Africa discovered Africa Renascence he was forced out of power and a fool forced to lead SA. When Kabila Senior refused world bank loan he was killed and Gadafi wanted United States of Africa and the only mistake he did was trying to implement as well he gave France Loans which they do not want to pay he was killed. Let us unite and recapture our dignity. Africans Please/.

  31. Love covers a multitude of sins..
    We Africans don’t have love for ourselves. We are ever ready to kill ,disgrace and expose people than to protect…. How many European leaders have we seen arrested and humiliated like this before even though they did wrong?…

  32. Not happy seeing those goons around the corner first lady. that looks despicable at the very least. If have laws so follow them. go back to your traditional chiefs even and see counsel. Disgraceful!
    I mean Zimbabwe just showed you how to treat leaders who have erred. Discipline!


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