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What you don’t know about Uganda’s former president Idi Amin


Did you know that:

In 1977, when Britain broke diplomatic relations with Uganda, Amin declared he had defeated the British and added “CBE”, for “Conqueror of the British Empire”, to his title.

Radio Uganda then announced his entire title: “His Excellency President for Life, Field Marshal Alhaji Dr. Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, CBE”.

At 193 cm (6 ft 4 in) tall and powerfully built, he was the Ugandan light heavyweight boxing champion from 1951 to 1960, as well as a swimmer.

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  1. His regime was of equal service to the pple & effecient one.
    His schools, roads, etc still exist. unlike today.

  2. Amin was a dictator–he was neother a liberal nor did he claim to be a democrat ! He was a true african leader.He did not conqure the british Empire…but he stood up and spoke the truth to power !

  3. We are not idiots, tell us another side (+ve side) of the late Hon Idd Amin Dada, the new generation of africans needs to be aware on bith sides of him.

  4. Yes, he took part in defeating the British Empire which does not exist anymore. And on his background as a boxer, I could call him Powerful Amin, in Arabic: Kawiyyun Amiin which represent 2 good qualities for a Leader.

  5. He was a dictator, who rules in his own selfish interest. Caused the death of over thousand people in Uganda. Ruled for his personal again, was always afraid to be attacked by even his own personal guides and cousin. A leader who was wealthy two times the countries dept. AMIN WAS A WICKED AND A DEVILISH LEADER.Not canceling out the fact that, he did some major developmental projects in the sub regions of the country.

    1. ignorant colonial talk. you know nothing about him it’s obvious. if you were from Uganda you would acknowledge he’s the best president Uganda has ever had.

  6. Most of the infrastructure which exist in Uganda to this day eas done during his rule,but unfortunately he is not mentioned with other africsn hreats like Julius nyerere,Jomo kenyatta,Thomas Sankara,Lumumba etc.
    RIP Dada

  7. Leaders come and go. We acknowledge his achievements(Late Ex President Iddi Amin).but then Uganda has a challenge to groom Advisors and I literally believe Ex-leaders would actor as Advisors to give clear directions in influencing the social,political and economic aspects of this country. For God and my country.

  8. I visited Uganda and observed that he was a nationalistic leader. He built the country infrastructures and encouraged to women to participate in national affairs. Eventhough he had his other side, but I believe he came down hard on his political opponents because they were used to dethroned him. I visited the area where me used to kill his political opponents, a horrible place to see. Notwithstanding, he was a nationalistic leader.

  9. Some the this said about amln were all lies .the whites ridiculed him because he did not let them (the whites) to have ways in yuganda . they also made that movie to ridicule & to make mockery of him because he wasn’t agreeing with them . he believed afrika would do better without them(the British)

  10. I wish he could come back and see how the officers’ flats in bombo and other barracks have been spoilt from 86 to date!!!!

  11. Idi Amin was a psycho and also a cannibal.He had body parts of his enemies cut up and put i his freezer.He used take out the heads and talk to them in the night.He was abnormal,his iwn minister wrote a detailed book on Idi Amin


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